29 Jan 2020


The "Man in a Room" podcast uses various sounds and music from the internet. Although I believe they are public domain I would like to give credit where it's due because why not. Here are the sounds I use and where you can download them from:

I also used a voiceover artist I found on Fiverr called TonyD3 but I don't think he still does paid work on the site. I bought it ages ago so it's probably likely. I'll add more as and when.

26 Jan 2020

Hello again...

 First episode in about twenty-two months. Where has that time gone? Well, if I told you everything in the first episode there wouldn't be much point setting up a podcast would there?

Anyway, I cover a rage of topics in this episode including living in the 20th Century, becoming a modern culture hermit for a bit and then not being a modern culture hermit because you worry that you're becoming an oddball and how the internet is actually pretty good.